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What we love about soul music

Music as a form of art can move people more than anything else. It is all - emotions, thoughts and traditions combined in one. Everyone has a favorite music genre. With time, like everything else, music develops and changes. Technology makes new things and styles possible and gives us a whole new world of possibilities. Today there are many forms of music and even more genres and subgenres that combine two, three or more different genres of music into a new one.

The soul of music

People will never stop trying to make something more from music, but back in the day when it all started, it was more interesting, and done with much more love and passion. You can hear it. One of the genres of music that had some really good notes and songs was and will always be soul music.

Jazz, gospel, R&B

As the name says, it is the music for your soul, and the soul of music. It combines elements of jazz, gospel music, rhythm and blues. Soul music became appreciated very fast as the new music you can dance to. It also became popular all around the world and it influenced some other well - known genres, like rock and the music of Africa.

Godfather of soul

Instruments you can hear in soul music are electric guitars, bass guitars, pianos, Hammond organ drums, the whole horn section, keyboards, clavinet and you can also hear some pretty amazing vocals. James Brown, as one of the first people who played soul music, was known as the "Godfather of Soul". The other name worth being mentioned besides James Brown, when it comes to soul music, is Little Richard. He referred to himself as the "king of rockin' and rollin', blues and rhythm soulin'". That's because he used elements of all of these three genres: rock and roll, blues and rhythm music and named it soul music.

Ben E. King

But it's real and true and full blossom, soul music experienced first in the 1960s. Names like Ben E. King, the mastermind of "Stand By Me" and the famous Aretha Franklin, who is most famous for her version of Otis Redding's song "Respect", shaped the face of soul music.

There are many subgenres and fusion - genres of soul music today, we will mention a few of them. The most famous subgenres are: Blue-eyed soul, brown-eyed soul, Motown Sound, neo soul, smooth soul and quiet storm. Well known fusion - genres of soul music are: Hip hop soul, as the name says - the fusion of hip hop music and soul music, Nu jazz, also known as jazztronica is the fusion of electronic and soul music - you can hear it often on, psychedelic soul is also known as black rock, it is the fusion of psychedelic rock and soul music, soul blues and soul jazz are fusions of soul music and blues and jazz, respectively.

We hope you take a glimpse at soul music and all its forms and subgenres. On the internet you can find quite a few interesting sites where you can learn more about soul music.