Cafe de Soul

Impressive venues where you will listen to soul music!

Soul music is the kind of music that you can listen both alone and in a group of people. It has a lot emotions to it and is quite a good genre for dancing. If you like soul music and love being in a club, restaurant or disco, then take a glimpse at our list of the best soul music venues in Europe and the USA. Maybe you will find something near you or a place you can go to next time you visit one of these cities.

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London offers many pubs, clubs and bars with a certain theme. You can find everything from football to different kinds of music themed pubs. One of those is The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch. It is more of a late - night bar kind of restaurant with excellent food and even better soul, blues and jazz music. They often have live music performers and the atmosphere is always amazing.


Philadelphia in the USA offers also a few interesting and great places to eat, dance and listen to soul music. The Trestle Inn is a dance club with an amazing cocktail bar. It is one of the coolest places to be in Philadelphia. If you ever go there, don't miss to visit The Trestle Inn.

Los Angeles

Mack Sennett Studios is one of the places in Los Angeles where you can enjoy all kinds of music and meet all kind of people. One of those kinds of music is soul. They host primarily unique, invite-only events, but if you have enough luck you will go there while one of the open - to - the - public shows.

Paris venues

La Bellevilloise Ménilmontant, Bizz’Art, Sanz Sans and Le Bataclan are only a few places in Paris where you can truly enjoy soul music. They offer live music, amazing drinks, wine, cocktail and food. Remember, not only the Eiffel Tower is the place to visit in Paris.