Cafe de Soul

Soul songs you should listen on your first date!

There are many genres of music that have some quite romantic songs, but none has as much as soul music. It is the right music for both, your fist date and you 100th. If you love music than you will love soul music. It is as simple as that.

A guide to a perfect date

If you really want to impress someone and it is your first date, then follow these few steps that will make it your and his or her best date ever. First find out what kind of food he or she loves. It is hard to ask that if you want the dinner to be a surprise, but you can start with some other questions.

That extra something

Like "what is your favorite color" and stuff like that and then ask about food. You won't drive that much attention to the food question, so you will still keep the surprise moment and find more about the girl or boy you like. Then see if you can make that dinner, if not then see places you can buy it and then pretend you made it. Lol, just kidding, try your best, if it really isn't delicious then buy it in a restaurant.

Bring it on, maestro

Buy also some candles, red, orange and white ones. They will make the atmosphere more romantic and you will feel the warmth of the light. But don't overdrive with the candles. And then comes the most important part. Put some soul music on the player. "Love the One You're With" by The Isley Brothers, or I Wanna Get Next to You by Rose Royce, if you want a longer playlist then just get an album of Café de Soul, and it will make the job.

Candles in the still

Lighten the candles half an hour before the date starts and serve the food just before he or she arrives. Make sure everything is perfect! And that should be it, we hope you will have a wonderful night and a long lasting relationship.